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CED University of Dubai

Named in 2011 as ‘The Most Innovative Business School in the Middle East’ by European CEO Magazine, University of Dubai delivers high-quality education using trainers and professors with relevant real-world experience infused with theory. Having been established by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the University of Dubai’s Center for Executive Development (CED) has established powerful links with the business community within Dubai and the GCC market. This in turn gives the CED a unique vantage point in recognizing the continued education requirements for professionals in the workforce.

Now in partnership with SM&B, CED has trained since 2005 over 6,000 professionals. CED designs and delivers customized executive management development programs along with open enrolment workshops and internationally accredited professional certifications. These programs aim to upgrade the skills and knowledge necessary for career development and advancement of working professionals and enable organizations to leverage the competitive advantage of their workforce. CED works closely with various business groups across the UAE and GCC to ensure that the professional certifications and training programs address the requirements of various business sectors, thus creating an effective workforce.


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